Project Description



*Views, outlooks, sights, vistas, prospects, lookouts, panoramas, aspects, perspectives, scenes.

Artist Profile

Helen Early

Born 1986, Perth, Western Australia

I have always had a habit to seek places where I could think. Places where I could drift away in my thoughts and ponder about my path in life so far or get lost in the endless possibilities of the future. These places can vary from the mountains to the sea or from the untouched forests to a roof of a building in a city. It’s not so much about what is in these places, it is more about how these places make me feel. There is something in these places. They feel like they create an invisible protective bubble just for you and in that bubble is much easier to breath and float around your mind. It also seems that more nature there is, more you drift towards bigger and bigger thoughts and in the urban areas the point of view seems to be much closer. Time often seems indifferent.

These are photographs from some of those places